Qastina Linen Totes

$ 25.00

All items are made in Palestine. They are produced with “mansoury” textile from 
Hebron city and sewn and printed by Zeidanco , in Bethlehem city. All designs 
are by Qastina.

Ka'ak: A popular bread served in Palestine and other countries in the Levant. It's oval shape is crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and covered in sesame seeds.  

Bateekha: The design watermelon “bateekha” is inspired from the original design by the artist Khaled Khourani

Watani: Designed to look like the state of Palestine, the Arabic text reads: O my country the great, O my country!"

About Qastina Designs: Ayed Arafah, artist and founder of Qastina, was inspired by his mother's recipes which she taught him over the phone while he was traveling abroad and missing the taste of home. He founded the company in hopes to keep the legacy of his people and their culture alive with a focus on the notion of resilience that is demonstrated through these old recipes that are being passed down through generations. With every dish there is a story and with every story is an opportunity to resurrect its history and affirm the future of its people. We hope that you will enjoy being part of keeping Qastina alive


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