Druze in America: The Early Years

Druze in America: The Early Years

Arab American National Museum

$ 75.00

Text by Kathy Jaber Stephenson and Dima Abisaid Suki, with Rayyan Abou Alwan Amine.

With 560+ beautiful images and archival photos, this is the story of the Druze in America, followers of the Tawhid faith, who left their homelands in Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and came to America to follow their dreams. It is a story of immigrants who arrived with nothing but grit and determination, and who remade their lives - raising families, building businesses, and contributing richly to the cultural fabric of their beloved America. Told in the authentic voices of the immigrants and their descendants, and illustrated with spectacular archival photos and cherished artifacts, the book chronicles the hardships, dreams struggles, sacrifices, courage, perseverance, failures, and successes of a people as they adapted to life in the United States - and became American. It is replete with historical, cultural, and geographical information on the Druze, as well as their values, traditions and customs. Above all, this book is an unprecedented endeavor to document the lives of early Druze immigrants in America, safeguarding candid memories, stories, and photos for generations to come.


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