Akkadian Collection Candles- Blue Tessera

Akkadian Collection Candles- Blue Tessera

$ 38.00

Inspired by the intricate tile design of Ancient Mesopotamia, the Blue Tessera
series combines classic mosaic patterns with contemporary color and form.
Each hand-painted ceramic vessel is filled with a candle hand-poured by an
Iraqi woman artisan.*

*Current design is lightly scented with lavender

The name AKKADIAN comes from AKKAD, a city in Ancient Mesopotamia. Today it includes parts of
Iraq, Turkey, and Syria. The Akkadian Collection is the first offering of an innovative program helping
to create economic opportunities for Iraqi women through entrepreneurship and handcrafting artisan
products for sale internationally. The project has grown to include vulnerable women all over Iraq,
including war widows, internally displaced women fleeing ISIS, and religious minorities


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