Arabic Shapes and Colors flashcards

$ 20.00

Discover a comprehensive way to increase your child's Arabic vocabulary using these flashcards that introduce the names of shapes and colours. Each card features the shape or colour, its Arabic name, the English transliteration, and corresponding objects in that shape or colour. You can also add a touch of enjoyment with four shape finder cards to make learning interactive and impactful! (90 words)


  • Boosts their sorting and identification skills,
  • Elevates their vocabulary through descriptive language,
  • Expand your little one's memory and attention span.


These flashcards are compact and durable making them perfect for home, classroom, or on-the-go learning. The glossy finish on the flashcards also makes them dry-erasable and easy to clean for endless learning opportunities!

Product Dimension

15 x 10.5cm

Set includes

  • 10 double-sided shapes flashcards
  • 4 shape-finding cards
  • 11 double-sided colour flashcards

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