Love & Compassion HOB W HANEEN

Arab American National Museum

$ 10.00

Celebrating the opening of the first Arab American museum in the United States, a unique collection of some of the most distinguished and significant Arab and North African musical artists in American have been gathered on this very special compilation. Each track representing a musical genera and some of the great voices, composers, and master musicians from the Middle East that have not only crossed the boundaries of geography but fused their celebrated musical styles. The compilation features new tracks and celebrations with international artists, including the brand new song by celebrated Iraqi star Kadim Al Sabir- Love & Compassion, featuring multiple Grammy award-winner Paula Cole.

This wonderful array of artists has not only succeeded in the Arab world and beyond, but has made a significant presence in America. These recordings are the highlights. Together with live performances throughout the United States, these singers, musicians, and composers have assisted greatly in bringing to America an awareness to the rich cultural beauty of the Middle East. 

1. Love & Compassion - Kadim Al Sahir, featuring Paula Cole

2. Ya Rayi - Khaled, featuring Don Was

3. Gir Enta - Souad Massi

4. Al-Qantara - Simon Shaheen & Qantara

5. Sittil Habaayeb - Music of Mohamed Abdel Wahhab by Simon Shaheen

6. Al Lu'Lu Al Mandood - Sabbah Fakhri

7. Arab-Flamenco Improv - Ali Jihad Racy & Pedro Cortes, Jr.

8. Lirrilli - Amina Annabi

9. El Hedia - Hassan Hakmoun

10. Lets Walk to the Moon - Bassam Saba & Myriade

11. Sadats - Cheb I Sabbah & B'Net Marrakech

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