Funoon Studios Assorted Arabic Art Prints

$ 21.50

Add these fun prints to your art collection!  Adorned with an enchanting Islamic archway, this artwork celebrates the beauty of cultural heritage and the Arabic language in a colorful and eccentric style.

Bab Al Ilm: Inspired by the aesthetics of vintage Arab graphic design, this print combines the wisdom of an Islamic quote about the importance of knowledge with a graphic touch. 

Sabah Al Ward: A modern arabic art poster featuring an iconic Arabic quote “صباح الورد/a morning of flowers” . Perfect for adding some arabic/middle eastern art to your children’s bedroom/nursery.

Ahlan wa Sahlan: Add a little quirky and cultural fun to your walls with this اهلا و سهلا ( welcome) art print. Not only is it cultural but super contemporary with its feature of pink- neon style lights.

Size: 8.5in x 11.5in

This Paper is :
FSC® Certified / 100% Recycled /Carbon Offset / Fully Recyclable Paper/ Printed in the UK

About Funoon Studios: Huda Nagi - the founder of Funoon Studios - is an illustrator, artist, and designer born in the vibrant city of Liverpool, but with deep roots in Yemen.  With a degree in Fine Arts and a personal passion for bridging the unique palettes of East and West, Huda's mission is to bring joy and warmth through her whimsical and fun style that is inspired by iconic imagery and symbolism, as well as vintage charm. 

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