Little Muslim Nesting Dolls Set

$ 45.00

*Colors may vary

Muslim Nesting Dolls! These unique hand painted dolls each open up to reveal a different type of Muslim Doll in varying skin tones and clothing styles.
- this includes a set of FIVE (5) nesting dolls

- Approximate sizes are as follows:
1st Doll: 4 3/4" tall
2nd Doll: 3 1/2" tall
3rd Doll: 2 1/2" tall
4th Doll: 1 1/2" tall
5th Doll: 1" tall

- Great for teaching hand-eye-coordination for little ones

- Promotes cultural diversity and tolerance

- made from natural wood

- entirely hand painted, no decals or stencils used with non-toxic paint

- double sealed in a gloss coat for shiny, smooth and long lasting finish

- can be customized to your liking (skin tones, clothes, gender,etc) Contact me today!

- perfect educational toy for teaching diversity, world cultures and tolerance and in a Montessori/Waldorf curriculum

* Because each doll is hand painted, they may vary slightly from the pictures above. Yours will be one-of-a-kind! Dolls are painted with acrylic colors and sealed with a clear gloss coat, which should stand up to regular play but could chip or be damaged with very rough play.

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