Mid the Art Reach Project- Puzzles

$ 50.00

Each مِّــد /mid/ puzzle is a reflection of our love and admiration for the Arab and North African region. Made of the highest quality wood, with a unique cut and 15 original whimsies per puzzle, our puzzles are a perfect gift for your loved ones, as 8 and up.

Formation - A fine wooden puzzle in a pastel palette by the late Nawash that is quite the departure from his dark and complicated themes that capture the pain and burdens of life.

Repose- A fine wooden puzzle by Nissa Raad invoking feelings of nostalgia through the rich use of multimedia and layering to create an unrivaled depth of expression.

Overture - A fine wooden puzzle by Zaid Shawwa that captures an intense emotional moment through the intricate marriage of abstract expressionism with deconstructive cubism.  

Immigrants - A fine wooden puzzle by Hadi Boraey, an Egyptian visual artist. 

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