Mid the Art Reach Project- Puzzles

Arab American National Museum

$ 50.00

Each مِّــد /mid/ puzzle contains customised whimsy pieces, symbols, inspired by the hope, peace and beauty that resides in the heart of this region and its people. You will find two mystery whimsy pieces for you to enjoy that are unique to the artwork.

The idea for this project was inspired by the love for the Middle East region and the belief that the beauty of it and its people outshine both the political and economic challenges.
It is a reminder of what really counts: the wellbeing of our community and the wellbeing of our environment.
The puzzle project is just that; to reflect these values through art and with each puzzle that is sold, we give back to the community in different ways starting from promoting the artists and gallery to the world to sharing with them a percentage of the sales price to the ultimate goal of a collaborative community project which we are working on and will share once completed.

Formation-A fine wooden puzzle in a pastel palette by the late Nawash that is quite the departure from his dark and complicated themes that capture the pain and burdens of life.

Opera Dafne- A fine wooden puzzle by Fadi Daoud with a Sufi inspiration depicting iconic regional singers that melt seamlessly into unique work of art.

Repose- A fine wooden puzzle by Nissa Raad invoking feelings of nostalgia through the rich use of multimedia and layering to create an unrivaled depth of expression.

Overture- A fine wooden puzzle by Zaid Shawwa that captures an intense emotional moment through the intricate marriage of abstract expressionism with deconstructive cubism.  

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