Palestine Shoe Charms

Palestine Shoe Charms

$ 20.00

 Our favorite Lil' Zaytooni designs in miniature form! This eight-piece charm pack are the perfect additions to add character to the kids' little shoes. From crispy falafel to watermelon juice and kuffiyeh scooters, there's a charm for everyone.

Love them, wear them, share them!


About Lil’ Zaytooni: As parents of young, multicultural children, we wanted to highlight the rich and colorful characteristics of our Arab heritage through cool and comfortable kids' clothing and accessories that are vibrantly designed.

Each design has encompassed a story of deeply-rooted tales that run through all of our homes. From the poppy flowers that grow outside Teta's house, to the falafel on Jiddo's breakfast table, most of all, they incorporate the greatest loved memories of our origins.

Children, likened to our beloved olive tree branches, are our representation for hope, new beginnings, and the promise of a fruitful future, with their bright eyes on the homeland. The roots of their identity and character are akin to the sturdy, grounding presence of an olive tree, fostering cultural strength and continuity.


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