Peekaboo ABC

$ 30.00

A very unique and interactive ABC book!

Every child loves a game of peekaboo! Peekaboo ABC is an exciting and fun board book designed in attractive, vibrant colors with a solid hard cover and large, easy-to-open flaps perfect for little hands.

The book presents an incredibly interactive and rich learning opportunity as children experience familiar animals and words but also have the opportunity to learn new words in the funniest contexts illustrated so whimsically and in the most beautiful, attractive colors. 

For each letter, and hiding beneath each flap, is a funny nonsensical sentence written in a clever way so that every word of that sentence begins with the same letter (alliteration) they are exploring. This helps develop sound association in addition to letter recognition. The visuals are fun and humorous...ideal for your child's imagination and the perfect playful read while learning their ABC's. The book ends with a BIG surprise sure to tickle any child's (or adult's) fancy!

How to use this book:

Peekaboo ABC is a high-quality hard cover book with durable board inside perfect for little curious hands. It works on two levels and is designed to grow with your child:
  • For younger children aged 1+ do not open the flaps just yet.  Explore the letter names, letter sounds and a fun visual association to an animal. 
  • Once your child is ready (aged 2-3+), you can begin to explore the flaps. Children aged 3+ are beginning to explore letter sounds (hence the alliteration)! Their vocabulary is also growing - as is their curiosity – and developmentally, they are speaking in complete sentences albeit, simple ones. Their verbal humor also begins to emerge around age three and they can appreciate the nonsensical, often-ridiculous situations illustrated in this funny book.
Publication date: 16 Apr 2024
ISBN: 9782940686094
Size: 210 x 210 mm
Length: 26 pages
Ages: 1+ / 3+

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