Qastina Palestinian Dishes Aprons

$ 30.00

Qastina Designs celebrates Palestinian culture by incorporating traditional foods and designs on aprons. They are made in Dheisha Camp in Bethlehem, Palestine. Ther recipes printed are directly from the artist's mother's kitchen. 

Qalaya recipe: "Frying Pan" in Arabic, the base of this dish is made up of tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil, and prepared a handful of different ways.  The artist's mother used green chili to spice it up! 

Warak Dewali: "Leaves" in Arabic, it's a traditional dish of rolled grape leaves, stuffed with rice, herbs, tomatoes, and sometimes meat. 

Maklooba recipe: Literally means "upside down," this favorite dish is made in a pot that is layered with vegetables, chicken, and rice that gets flipped when it's ready to be served! 



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