Qastina Linen Totes

$ 25.00

Qastina Designs is based out of Dheish Camp in Bethlehem, Palestine. The recipes used on their products come directly from the designer's mother's kitchen. 

Ka'ak Al Quds: A type of crunchy, oblong shaped bread that is covered in sesame seeds. 

Molokhiyeh Recipe: A popular stew made from "Jew's mallow," a bitter leafy plant. Topped with lemon juice before serving, it's every child's favorite meal! 

Key of Return: Symbolizing the heavy, iron keys the families took with them when they were forced to leave during the Nakba, these tote bags also feature a circle with tatreez (hand embroidered) designs and Handala, a symbolic icon created by the late Naji Ali. 

All tote bags were made and sewn in Hebron. 


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