Ramadan theme PlayDough Kit

$ 11.50

Introducing our Ramadan-Eid Playdough Jars – a sensory delight for the festive season!

Each jar comes with vibrant playdough in colors like purple, pink, yellow, or blue. Inside, discover themed treasures, including a camel, palm tree, crescent moon, star, 2 toy coins, and a lollipop charm. Perfect for creative play, adding joy and imagination to your Ramadan and Eid celebrations. 🌙🐪✨

Our playdough is crafted from flour, salt, cream of tartar, vegetable oil, and food coloring. To keep the product fresh, store in a cool and dry area for up to 3 months+.
In the event of salt crystals, a good knead can help restore the original texture.


Materials: Flour, Cream of tartar, vegetable oil, food colouring, salt


About GoDough: I’m Zeina, a mom of two, and the founder of Go Dough. Inspired by the joy of sharing precious moments with my kids through playdough, I created Go Dough to bring that same delight to families everywhere. Each batch of our playdough is crafted with love, ensuring it brings immense joy to little ones’ worlds. With our safe, naturally scented, and handmade playdough, join us for a world of sensory fun!

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