Saboon Crate

$ 70.00

Our Saboon Crate delves into the ancient art of olive oil soap making, offering a hands-on experience that brings this rich tradition to life.  With our crate, you can create your own Saboon while immersing yourself in the fascinating history and cultural significance of this timeless craft in Palestine and across the Arab Region. 

What's inside: 
Bilingual Saboon booklet with rich content, activity sheet, timeline of Saboon, Arab Olive Oil, mold, stickers, soap hammer, Soap making chemicals, thermometer, safety goggles, and gloves. 


About Culture Crate: Culture Crate is a venture dedicated to addressing cultural loss by reimagining education to highlight cultural value.  Our mission is to preserve, educate, and celebrate the rich cultural practices that define our identities. 

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