The Girl Who Lost Her Imagination - in Arabic

The Girl Who Lost Her Imagination - in Arabic

Arab American National Museum

$ 20.00

Written by Dr. Reem Makhoul and Stephen Farrell. Illustrations by Fouad Mezher.

Journalists Reem Makhoul and her husband Stephen Farrell have covered Palestine and other issues in the Middle East, but most recently the two co-authored a children’s book that reflected the life of Sheherazade, their daughter, titled “The Girl Who Lost Her Imagination.”

It’s about a young Arab girl growing up in New York City. The story is based around her love of rainbows and her active imagination. This allowed Lebanese illustrator,Fouad Mezher, to play on the dual meaning of the word ‘khayaal’ as both imagination and shadow. The book is about a girl who loses her imagination, why it happens, and how she gets it back again.


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