The Scent of Jasmine: Coming of Age in Jerusalem and Damascus by Anan Ameri

$ 20.00

Journey to a world little known to western readers. Born to a Syrian mother and a Palestinian father in 1944, Anan Ameri's refreshing memoir, The Scent of Jasmine, offers a funny, spirited, unique self-portrait of her childhood, adolescence and passage to adulthood as a young woman in the Arab world. A collection of twenty-three vignettes, Anan's search for the familiar fragrance of jasmine blossoms leads her to reimagine the puzzle pieces of her early life. While these stories--creative nonfictions--reverberate with the impact of enormous political upheavals and conflicts, The Scent of Jasmine demonstrates how the intricate bonds of family, community and place can nourish in us the creative capacity together to reimagine and repair our world.

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