Folkglory Palestine: Ramallah Embroidery Kit

$ 60.00

Palestine, Ramallah beginner embroidery kit, level 1. Eleven original patterns with their names and combination ideas.

Contents of kit:

  • Flyer explaining the origin of the Palestinian native dress

  • Flyer explaining the origin of the Ramallah thobe & patterns

  • 11 historic patterns from Ramallah printed on paper

  • 10 Aida, 11 count, embroidery fabrics - size: 9cm X 13cm

  • DMC pearl cotton ball in the typical Ramallah red
    DMC embroidery yarn in 3 colours

  • 3 embroidery tapestry needles

  • 5 cardboard cards with envelopes

  • Step by step embroidery instruction manual explaining how to embroider the typical Palestinian cross fallahi stitch.


About Folkglory

Folkglory was founded by Salua Qidan, an architect by training and designer-turned-heritage-researcher.

Salua started Folkglory inspired by her ongoing work with Widad Kawar, one of the world’s leading collectors and authorities on the culture of Levantine and Arab dress-making traditions. Salua is a founding team member of Tiraz — The Widad Kawar Home for Arab Dress, where she continues to serve as Creative Director.

In her journey of over a decade in Levantine dress making and weaving crafts, Salua immersed herself in the knowledge of experts and scholarly sources. But equally as important were her countless encounters with local embroiderer women and other craft makers. It is they, those who are toiling away to make a living from their craft, who are truly keeping the Levant’s fast-eroding traditions and techniques alive today.

Before her heritage journey, Salua cofounded SYNTAX in the the late 1990’s, which went on to become a leading design firm working in Jordan and the Arab region.

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