Keffiyeh Scrunchie- la.looshi baby

$ 8.50

Since we make everything with the keffiyeh how can we not follow the biggest trend right now and make a scrunchie?! Cut from different parts of the keffiyeh, each one is unique and may appear different from the picture. One size, made to fit most adult wrists. 

100% cotton

About la.looshi: la.looshi, based in Edmonton, Alberta, is a brand that makes one of a kind pieces inspired by the levant; using the keffiyeh, middle eastern imagery and traditional fabrics. la.looshi chooses to donate profits made from their sales to humanitarian aid locally and abroad. Each item is sewn with high quality and meticulously chosen fabrics, keeping in mind fashion + play. Every piece is unique and usually only one or two of each size is made. 

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